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Your expectations
Your expectations
Our offer
Our offer
Well-tuned team
Well-tuned team

Your expectations – our offer

Taking into consideration your expectations and qualifications, IT Kontrakt offers you participation in specific IT projects.

Meeting rather than procedure

Your application will be presented to the Customers. After his approval, we will arrange a meeting during which you will get familiar with the details of the project.

Your choice – your decision

You decide independently whether the project and the employer is attractive to you.

Coordinator from IT Kontrakt

A personal coordinator will both introduce you to the work as well as help you with all formal and organisational issues.

Tell us about your expectations. We will meet them and offer you an interesting job and an opportunity for continuous professional development.

IT Kontrakt manager will:

introduce you to the project

take care of formal and legal issues

manage the HR and payroll related issues

help you with the organisational issues related, among others, to change your place of residence for the project duration

ensure project continuity

You focus on development – we focus on you!

With us you will:

implement international projects

learn about the latest technologies

cooperate with the best experts in the sector

train, improve your skills, develop yourself

decide what form of employment is the best for you

have permanent contact with a coordinator from IT Kontrakt

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