IT Kontrakt DRAWING their new communication

Prezes-zarządu-it-kontraktOn the 2nd October 2017 IT Kontrakt modified their way of communication in social media. About the assumptions of new mode we asked the President of the Management Board – Leszek Kowalczykiewicz.

 Agnieszka Wlodarczak (AW): Observing the recent changes made in IT Kontrakt profile at LinkedIn,  definitely “There’s something going on!”

 Leszek Kowalczykiewicz (LK): That’s truth. We have just launched new communication in LinkedIn and expanded that with a section titled “Company culture”. In the profile, we unveil our corporate organization, its values, and particularly the team. For this purpose, we decided to place accent on customized graphic design created by a draughtsman who can present information on IT Kontrakt in an different manner. That is the way our graphic arts were drawn together with new layout for job adverts and post actualizations. The same style of communication was also implemented to our Facebook profile. All of the abovementioned actions were taken to standardize the general Employer Branding communication of IT Kontrakt in social media channels.

AW: That sounds interesting! How did the idea come about?

 LK: We noticed that companies who are present at LinkedIn show themselves through the prism of their employees. That is the specificity of the medium. We didn’t really want to fight against the trend but make it different, building up our own identity. We drew our inspiration from the specific nature of our recipient group – people of IT industry have great sense of humour and very often they are connoisseurs of graphic communication and appreciate originality. So we made every effort to make new communication correlates with this spirit. However the new graphics design is just a bonus. The greatest value we want to concentrate on is people who create the company culture of IT Kontrakt. With the use of our new communication we tried to convey that IT Kontrakt gathers passionate people and we feel obliged to create space for their creativeness – for both the professional themes and leisure activities. The idea has been confirmed by the Ambassadors of IT Kontrakt as well as authentic opinions provided by employees who agreed to disclose their names.

 AW: You said „Ambassadors”. Who are they?

LK: We didn’t have to choose any Ambassadors because they have been with us for a couple of years. They are our colleagues and emerged organically with meet-ups and articles on information technology. „Make sense in IT”, „Qatowice”, „Brain IT out” and „IT Kamp” are initiatives that are already well-known in IT industry and attract huge audience. We support and promote these events and appreciate their importance for IT sector as well as for IT Kontrakt itself. It is worth mentioning that we also do not reject any ideas unrelated to IT. We are open for initiatives by people who represent other domains and who want to share their knowledge actively. For all of them we create space for expressing their opinions and we are proud that such talented and experienced people make their contribution to the worth of IT Kontrakt and the industry in general.

AW: Thank you very much for your comment.

The interview conducted by Agnieszka Wlodarczak – PR Manager at IT Kontrakt



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