Senior Buisness Development Director IT KontraktBartek Strozek has just took on the newly created post of Senior Business Development Director at IT Kontrakt. Born in Warsaw, relocated to Wroclaw. For years he has been bounded up with IT industry, but in private he is a passionate tango dancer and a marathon runner. During his onboarding process, he found a spare minute to tell us about his plans for the nearest future and values he shares.

 Agnieszka Włodarczak: Welcome aboard! We are glad you joined our team! What prompted you to choose IT Kontrakt?

 Bartek Strozek: Well, IT Kontrakt is on the threshold of a new era and consequently there are some challenges I am going to face. As Senior Business Development Director I am expected to support sales of our advanced IT services. Thus I am going to modernize the company profile, so that we can operate in a broader range of services market. I believe our efforts will be crowned with success because we are encouraged by a world leading investment management company – Oaktree Capital Management, represented by Cornerstone Partners in Poland.

 Agnieszka Włodarczak: So, what would a manager with such a professional experience expect from an IT company?

 Bartek Strozek: That is closely related to the pervious question. First of all, the company cannot be dull. It must be outstanding in many aspects, including company culture. Secondly, it is a very challenging moment for IT Kontrakt due to the plans for development and that is extremely attractive for a manager who is not likely to stand still. Finally, the company must stimulate employees’ creativity and support their personal growth. It is IT Kontrakt where I can see area for doing my sport hobbies –IT Kontrakt itself is the organizer of IT Run cyclical event.

 Agnieszka Włodarczak: What are your career values?

 Bartek Strożek: Definitely it is honesty and receptiveness. These values enable us to evolve and guarantee good cooperation. Moreover, no matter what function you perform within organization, you should be concentrated on results. It is the only way you can provide value to a client – either external or internal, including colleagues. Simultaneously, we can keep the balance between achieving business goals for the company and developing our own competence.

 Agnieszka Włodarczak: Thank you very much for your answers. We wish you great success with your new role and lots of satisfaction from working with our team!

 Bartek Strożek: Thank you very much!

 The interview conducted by Agnieszka Wlodarczak – Social Media & PR Coordinator at IT Kontrakt


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