Personal data protection policy

IT Kontrakt Sp. z o.o. acts with respect to privacy and rights of users of website: The protection of personal data of Internet users is of particular importance. Personal data are stored, processed and protected by IT Kontrakt in compliance with the principles specified below and respective provisions of the law on personal data protection of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws 02.101.926 as amended). According to article 6 item 1 of the law, personal data are regarded to be all information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person, such as names, surnames, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, data on buying behaviour, lifestyles, demographic data, etc.

1. Main assumptions of the Personal Data Protection Policy of IT Kontrakt

IT Kontrakt protects personal data of the website users according to the following assumptions:

  1. Only personal data voluntarily delivered by the website users are stored and processed,
  2. Personal data are used only for purposes accepted explicitly by a user,
  3. Personal data are not to be transferred to any third parties independent from IT Kontrakt, except contractors that process the data on our behalf for our customers and their subcontractors,
  4. IT Kontrakt may also disclose personal data if it is absolutely required under applicable legal provisions in force or in relation to court proceedings,
  5. IT Kontrakt does not collect personal data from third parties unless such data are related to the execution of agreements entered into with such entities and are provided to us upon consent of persons concerned. Moreover, IT Kontrakt does not send out unordered mass correspondence,
  6. Third parties other than authorised employees of IT Kontrakt have no access to the stored personal data,
  7. Every user has a right to review, correct or supplement his/her personal data. Personal data processing shall stop immediately on user’s demand,
  8. All users’ queries and comments concerning the personal data protection policy shall be answered immediately.

The above principles refer only to personal data delivered through any means of communication with website:

Using a link to another Internet website published on this website means quitting the website of IT Kontrakt. IT Kontrakt has no impact on such websites and their personal data protection procedures that may be different than the ones applicable in IT Kontrakt. IT Kontrakt shall not be held responsible for any external websites or personal data provided through such websites.

2. Aims of personal data storing by IT Kontrakt

IT Kontrakt stores personal data of the website users:

  1. to ensure employees for newly created work positions,
  2. to search and prepare candidates for future work positions,
  3. for marketing, publicity and PR activities of provided products and services,
  4. for execution of its products and services,
  5. for improvement of the quality of products and rendered services and adjusting them to the needs of the users,

3. Gathering information

IT Kontrakt collects user personal data through:

  1. Application forms
    While expressing his/her will to use the Company’s offer, a user of website of IT Kontrakt may be asked to fill in an application form enabling a better user identification and performance of products or services. Data collected in such way are only processed in compliance with the scope of declaration on processing and disclosing such data, included in such application forms. A user may withhold his/her consent for use of his/her personal data or withdraw a consent that has been given earlier. Moreover, a user has a right to review, edit or delete own personal data from IT Kontrakt’s database.
  2. Cookies
    IT Kontrakt uses so called “cookies”, that is small files with information recorded on your hard drive. However, every browser has a possibility of such settings, that a user is every time notified on a possibility of storing “cookies”. Then it is possible for a user to choose and accept or reject such files.
  3. IP numbers
    IT Kontrakt analyses access logs containing information on users’ IP numbers. Such information is used for administrative purposes of the service and in statistical analyses concerning Users.
  4. E-mail correspondence
    Website users may contact IT Kontrakt’s employees directly via e-mail addresses available on the website. IT Kontrakt stores such correspondence for statistical purposes and in order to facilitate contacts with the Users, in particular to respond as soon as possible to received queries on products and services offered by IT Kontrakt.
    At the same time IT Kontrakt guarantees that addresses collected in such a way are not to be transferred or otherwise disclosed to third parties. They shall be used for the purpose of communicating with a User for purposes defined by the User only.
  5. Newsletter
    E-mail data collected due to the newsletter subscription shall be used only for the purpose of providing users with information on services, products, new partners and other changes in our company. Newsletter subscribers may resign at any time from electronic letters distributed by IT Kontrakt.

IT Kontrakt reserves a right to update and correct its personal data protection policy. All amendments shall be published on this website and they will contain explicit information on the dates of their introduction.

A user willing to receive information on our activities, correct his/her personal data or withdraw a consent on personal data processing should contact IT Kontrakt at:

IT Kontrakt Sp. z o.o.
ul. Gwiaździsta 66
53-413 Wrocław


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