Jonathan Jer Yang Teo PORTERTOWEJonathan Jer Yang Teo recently joined IT Kontrakt Services Sdn. Bhd. He gained his Software QA experience working for global brands all over the world such as, Cable Vision, StarHub. Privately, born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Loves spending leisure outdoors especially with sportfishing in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Passionate about motorsport related activities and an adventurous foodie keen to taste the different types of food while travelling. Despite his tight schedule, he was so kind to answer a couple of questions asked by Magdalena Faldyna – Communication Manager at IT Kontrakt Poland.

MAGDALENA FALDYNA: It has been already two weeks of your stay in Poland. Before we talk about your general impressions, we would like to ask if you had had any particular preparations for visiting Poland. Had you read any information about our country and any surprises you might have encounter here?

JONATHAN TEO: Actually, I did Google for a few things prior to visiting Poland, particularly the weather forecast, Polish currency and the various types of local delicacies.

MF: There is a distance of over 9.000 km between Malaysia and Poland. Is it for the first time you travel so far? Did you have any chance to visit Europe before?

JT: Definitely one of the longest travels that I’ve had besides being to parts of France, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

MF: Now, what is your general impression about your stay in Warsaw?

JT: The first thing I couldn’t help but notice in Warsaw was the warm welcome by ITK. Immediately after the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Warsaw, I met awesome new colleagues at the airport that showed me the way around Warsaw. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the very good first impression of Warsaw! Over the past weeks in Warsaw, I wandered around the city soaking up the modern and positive atmosphere. Polish people are well dressed. There’s lots of restaurants but unfortunately menus were mostly in Polish. Trams trundle along the main road. And there’s sign of plenty of construction taking place. It’s a bustling city I must say. Super!

MF: Is there anything you were surprised at?

JT: Honestly, no. Not really.

MF: And Polish cuisine. Usually foreigners are satisfied with our traditional dishes and probably so called “pierogi” is the most popular one. Have you had any chance to taste it? How do you like Polish flavours?

JT: Oh yeah, the combination of “Pierogi” with lemonade was nice. Looking forward to taste other authentic Polish cuisine.

MF: Finally, we are sure you noticed some cultural differences in the culture of work. What are the qualities you appreciate in Polish professional environment? And are there any of Malaysian values that you would like to instil into the Polish?

JT: One of the noticeable qualities in Polish professional environment was the ability to work remotely. It encourages work life balance which is great!

MF: Thanks a lot for answering my questions. And enjoy the rest of your stay in Poland!

JT: My pleasure! Thank you!


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