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What we do

We offer strategic partnership in software engineering services  on the basis of various models of cooperation such as managed service, time & material and fixed price. We have more than 13 years of experience that makes us a leader in providing high-quality services and innovative IT solutions. The IT Kontrakt team consists over 1340 IT professionals, that are involved in prestigious IT project domestically and abroad.

Our offer

Outsourcing of IT professionals

Allowing customers to temporarily increase their IT teams.

IT solutions

Highly trained and experienced that provides tailored solutions.

Full-time job recruitment

Precise assessment of the qualifications and predispositions.

IT Kontrakt goals are to provide Customers with highest quality services and to give an opportunity for specialists that we employ to develop their skills. We want to expand the contribution to the success of our business partners, establish mutual trust and develop a long-term and satisfying cooperation with them

Why IT Kontrakt

Staff Augmentation

Top notch software engineering experts available to partner clients worldwide in numerous cooperation models. Our standards guarantee experts with high level of technical expertise,  excellent soft skills and a high level of desired foreign language command.


IT Kontrakt partners multiple Clients worldwide including the following sectors: banks, insurance, telco and media, manufacturing, software houses and more. With over 200 active Clients IT Kontrakt is one of the top software engineering services providers in Central Europe.


With Poland being an IT Hub of Europe, IT Kontrakt offers distinguished code quality and a Western European approach to business.


IT Kontrakt has offices in the following countries: Poland, Switzerland, USA, Malaysia.


Our offer is geared to meet the highest demand. Our capabilities reach out as far as testing, development, project management, integration,  other niche specializations and a full scope of training services.


We are capable of orchestrating experts in a desired time (up to 50 FTEs in 3 months) regardless given geographical constrains.


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