Anniversary celebrations on board IT Kontrakt

The company IT Kontrakt has turned 14 years old already, and we’re happy to have employees who have been with us almost from the beginning. Barbara Przybyła, Ewa Tomana, Artur Komorowski, and Tomasz Jośko have been contributing to the company’s success for years and today are a treasury of information. As a modest thank you, they got personalised gifts at a surprise party organised form them, with special wishes from their superior of many years, the then President of IT Kontrakt and now a member of the Board – Leszek Kowalczykiewicz and the Financial Director and Board Member – Robert Biedrzycki. During the snack party, the anniversary boys and girls answered a few short questions asked by Agnieszka Włodarczak.

Aga [PR Coordinator]: Do you remember yourselves from 10 years ago? What has changed?


Ewa [Chief Accountant and Proxy]: I sure do! I landed a job with IT Kontrakt and took over the accounts, which were then handled by an external accounting firm. I was then a one-person department, while today I have an entire team with well-developed competencies to help me. In the meantime, I became a grandmother twice.  

Basia [Head of Administration and Procurement]: I started working at IT Kontrakt right after I graduated in 2007. Full of enthusiasm, commitment, and keen to act, I joined the team of ten plus people. With the hindsight of these 10 years, I would say that it was an intensive and well-used time. I gained a whole lot of new skills and got a chance to build the Administration and Procurement Department, which I have permanently headed. 🙂 As for my personal life, I met my wonderful Husband and became the mother to our lovely Son.

Tomek [Director of Sales]: A real lot has changed over 10 years. Looking from the professional angle, I got an exceptional opportunity to join an interesting company at the first stages of its activity and contribute to its success for over a decade. As far as my private life goes, I started a family and have had many opportunities to fulfil my passions – primarily related to travelling and music.

Artur [Event and Conference Coordinator]: In general, I try not to dwell on the past. 😀 Yes, I remember – we were worried about whether we’d stay in the business in the face of the global economic downturn. Today IT Kontrakt is an industry leader and I’m certain things will get even better.


Aga: What do you like the most about your jobs and what makes you want to be part of IT Kontrakt team for so many years?


Ewa: It’s definitely the multitude and diversity of subjects. The fact that I could watch the company grow from a small local business to a large enterprise with an international reach. These all processes didn’t allow me to become stagnated in any way. What’s more, the people – the mutual respect and the superiors’ great faith in the staff.

Basia: The people, atmosphere, development, and unpredictability – I guess these 4 words best describe my path in IT Kontrakt. The opportunity to experience how IT Kontrakt has grown from a small family business to become a strong player in the market of IT services. As a result, I feel I’m part of it and I believe that I, too, have had my own small contribution to this all. 🙂

Tomek: First of all, the people. Over these 10 years, I’ve had an opportunity to work with many fantastic people, both inside our organisation and when developing our business with our clients and partners. I’ve learned from them a lot and I hope that I’ve also managed to give something valuable to others. What’s more, I feel that I’ve really developed as a professional. I joined IT Kontrakt when the company’s staff was less than 200-strong, while today there are nearly 2,000 of us. As years passed, my duties and responsibilities have changed and extended in a rather dynamic way. 🙂 Today I feel that I’m part of this success.

Artur: My eyesight’s not so good any more. 😀 To be honest, I like the modern ways of managing the business consistently introduced by the board and management. For more than ten years now, I have been watching IT Kontrakt adopt global standards, and the sense of being part of these changes is amazing.


Aga: What’s your wish for the years to come?


Ewa: I can’t tell you that. 🙂

Basia: Constant challenges, a great team, and the enjoyment of what I’m yet to face at IT Kontrakt.

Tomek: As far as the professional area goes, I guess, to move on along the path which will keep offering me opportunities for development and working together with fine people on projects and initiatives that matter. And in my private life – to stick to the direction I chose years ago. 🙂

Artur: To see IT Kontrakt grow faster than its competition, become better and better, and more effective, as well as become an industry leader in the European Union and other parts of the world. May the force be with you! As for my private life, perhaps a longer voyage, say, from Portugal to the Caribbean. I already have my eye on a certain boat. After all, you can work remotely these days. 🙂


Aga: I hope your dreams come true and I wish you many more anniversaries like this at IT Kontrakt. Thank you for the conversation!

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