Are Polish companies ready for implementation of AI solutions?

The CIO Insight report on “Why invite AI into your company”, which is based on the research by CIO Club and IT Kontrakt, indicates that 77% of large companies in Poland has enough data of sufficient quality to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI). As many as 65% are seizing the opportunity and introducing project to implement AI solutions in their companies.

Warsaw, July 9 2019 – The CIO Club and IT Kontrakt, the group’s content partner, have published a new report, CIO Insight: Why invite AI into your company? based on an online survey among members of the CIO Club. The group brings together more than 400 managers responsible for IT in the largest and most dynamic Polish companies and institutions.

The survey covered 66 people responsible for IT strategy in large enterprises and organizations operating in Poland. Half of the respondents represent companies with more than 2,000 employees, and three out of four work in organizations with more than 500. One-third of the companies whose CIOs took part in the survey have annual revenues of PLN 1 billion or more, and more than 60% are over the PLN 250 million mark. Four out of 10 respondents work in companies headquartered abroad.

Key findings of CIO Insight: Why invite AI into your company?

  • More than 3/4 of CIOs have enough high-quality data to implement AI.
  • Sixty-five percent of respondents are implementing AI projects, most often with the support of an external partner.
  • For four out of 10 respondents, FOMO is an important reason for adopting AI.
  • AI implementations in the respondents’ companies are subject to standardized or individual measures of effectiveness.
  • Companies headquartered in Poland are working on AI projects less often than those based abroad.

“The honeymoon is over for AI,” said Jacek Chmiel, co-author of the study and Global Chief of Consulting and Technology at the IT Services Competence Platform. “Companies are increasingly using these solutions, with increasing expectations of real, measurable support for their business processes and a positive, notable effect on results. We’re in a phase where FOMO continues to play a significant role, but a weakening one. Technologies are developing fast; systems for developers are being created; an increasing number of specialists want to learn about the technologies generally known as AI. It’s also increasingly easy to find examples of which business scenarios deliver fast improvements driven by AI, and which ones are and will long remain in the realm of experiment, with a high risk there will be no return on the investment.”

CIO Insight is a series of brief surveys, targeting the top challenges of digital transformation and aimed at key players, providing them and the market with evidence to assess the situation and take strategic decisions. The surveys provide a way to get to know the opinions and experiences of an exceptional group of leaders: CIOs from the CIO Club community.

“The report CIO Insight: Why invite AI into your company? demonstrates the surprisingly high level of openness to AI and AI adoption, so it is a harbinger of a broad breakthrough in AI implementation on the market,” said CIO Club moderator Szymon Augustyniak, editor in chief of CIO Magazyn Dyrektorów IT.

The next CIO Insight publication, prepared in cooperation with CIO Club content partner IT Kontrakt, is due in September.

The full version of the report, in both English and Polish, is available free of charge here and on the CXO website.

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