Managed Services

Delivery of IT processes on terms referred to as SLA (Service Level Agreement), measured with KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and provided at a fixed price agreed on beforehand.

The Managed Services model is pro-actively handled by the supplier with the client’s minimum involvement. However, the client is ensured broad access to the supplier’s know-how (IT experts, technology domains).

Managed Services in numbers
completed projects
consultants involved
Managed Services kick-off
  • Establishing the scope of Managed Services
  • Defining the tools and team
  • Establishing SLA, KPI’s and priorities
  • Drawing up the offer and transition plan
Assembling the team
  • Defining roles and areas of responsibility in the team
  • Transfer of knowledge to the team
  • Development of the knowledge base and procedures
Trial period
  • Fine-tuning services in terms of quality
  • Fine-tuning the team and processes
  • Contract review after the trial period
Full Managed Services model
  • Continual optimisation of procedures
  • Periodic evaluation of the Service’s condition
  • Cooperation development

When are Managed Services the right solution?

  1. 1A need for minimising the number of IT processes/services in the organisation
  2. 2Lack of technical or organisational competences
  3. 3A need for limiting internal structure/staff numbers
  4. 4Quick access to knowledge and engineers over a short period of time

Benefits of the Managed Services model

  1. 1Access to provider's extensive knowledge and in-depth competences
  2. 2Cost control under the Fixed Price model
  3. 3Single contact point for all issues
  4. 4Transfer of responsibility and risk to service provider
  5. 5Flexible approach to the team’s scope of work

Benefits of IT Kontrakt’s Managed Services model

Trial period

We ensure a period of work, in accordance with contract guidelines and operational arrangements, during which we review goals and optimise activities to improve the effectiveness of the team and processes.

Unique solutions

Solutions are planned so that they are compatible with the client’s tools and allow for the organisation’s internal culture. However, we retain influence on the technology and operational organisation of the delivery team’s work.

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge aggregation, analysis of information leading to the development of a compendium of knowledge with respect to the project at hand. All documentation developed is permanently transferred to the client’s resources.

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