Delivery of IT services to clients from countries which are geographically close (Nearshore) or those hailing from countries in other continents (Offshore).

The Nearshore/Offshore model makes it possible to use modern solutions unavailable in the client’s local market. It also offers opportunities for expanding the team permanently or for a period of time required for project completion while retaining the company’s staffing limits.

Nearshore/Offshore service kick-off


  • Making sure that a Nearshore/Offshore solution can be applied
Research into the local market and competing markets
  • Defining competences that will ensure a competitive advantage
Legal analysis
  • Taxes, labour law, employment law, and factors that create favourable conditions for business development
Cost analysis
  • Calculation of investment profitability and potential risks
Business offer
  • Preparation of a proposal for the client
Finalising the agreement
  • Commencement or completion of the investment

When is Nearshore/Offshore the right solution?

  1. 1Shortage of necessary competences on the local market
  2. 2Maintaining high Employer Branding standards
  3. 3Decreasing fixed costs
  4. 4Team enlargement coupled with staff number limit

Benefits of the Nearshore/Offshore model

  1. 1Keeping a fixed budget
  2. 2Access to modern solutions unavailable on the local market
  3. 3Support from qualified recruitment teams
  4. 4Cost cuts stemming from Nearshore clients’ business trips over short distances
  5. 5Similar organisational, business, and language culture under the Nearshore model

Benefits of IT Kontrakt’s Nearshore/Offshore model

Financial settlements in the client’s currency

IT Kontrakt enables financial settlements in the client’s currency, thanks to which the client avoids fluctuations of currency exchange rates and faces lesser bookkeeping problems.

Adapting to the client’s time zone

The client doesn’t have to worry about the deadlines for the delivery of work to its internal clients. We adapt to the time zone where our client operates.

Experience of providing services to foreign clients

Our cooperation with foreign clients, also those based in other continents, has taught us to adapt to the unique character of their business while allowing for any cultural differences.

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