Shared Services Center/IT Outsourcing

The establishment and management of an independent organisational unit (Shared Services Centre) allowing the optimisation of business processes based on the delivery of IT services on conditions referred to as SLA (Service Level Agreement) and measured with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

The Shared Services centre model consolidates IT services or processes in order to reduce costs (locating the center in geographical regions that are profitable in terms of price/taxes) and minimise the client’s business risk (using the client’s resources to which the service has been provided so far for other tasks/projects).


Shared Services kick-off
  • Defining the SSC’s vision and criteria
  • Defining the scale of reorganisation and service delivery methodology
  • Evaluation of the service implementation cost and cost cuts stemming from the centre’s location
  • Defining the project’s goal and developing preliminary documentation
  • Assembling the implementation team
  • Developing a strategy ensuring the continuity of the processes being transferred
Shared Services Center
  • Defining SLA’s and KPI’s
  • Selection of technologies for the implementation or consolidation
  • Finalising relations between the SSC and the HQ
Transition plan
  • Preparation of data and documentation for the migration
  • Implementation of technical infrastructure
  • Recruitment of staff for the SCC
  • Continual optimisation of procedures
  • Periodic evaluation of the service’s condition in technical terms
  • Establishment of internal HR communication

When is Shared Services the right solution?

  1. 1A need to decrease the number of the organisation’s processes and services (IT, BPO, etc.)
  2. 2Shortage of technical or organisational competences in the client’s location
  3. 3A need for optimising the company’s internal structures
  4. 4Quick access to knowledge and engineers
  5. 5A lack of sufficient infrastructure for the organisation’s effective operation

Benefits of the Shared Services model

  1. 1Lower costs of infrastructure and service staff
  2. 2Optimisation of administration processes - particularly if the company’s structure is department- or silo-based
  3. 3Standardisation of processes and the decision-making path
  4. 4Easier periodic data stock-taking
  5. 5Increased control over back-office documentation
  6. 6The ability to provide services to an external customer by SSC

Benefits of IT Kontrakt’s Shared Services model

Geographic location

The geographic location allows IT Kontrakt to offer excellent financial conditions to clients from outside of Poland.

Safe investment

Stable economy, Poland’s being a member of the European Union, and our western organisational culture make us a reliable partner.

Effective implementation

Our large knowledge base and access to talented staff allow us to quickly start the migration and optimisation processes, which means faster returns on the client’s investment.

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