CIO Club Poland debated on Robotic Process Automation

Last week’s session of CIO Club Poland, partnered by IT Kontrakt, was dedicated to the notion of Robotic Process Automation. We saw interesting presentations and took part in a heated discussion about past, current and the future of RPA. See the take-outs by Jacek Chmiel, CTO of IT Kontrakt, Global Chief of Consulting and Technology in IT Services Competence Platform.

The key takeouts:

  • It’s another promise (there have been many in the history of enterprise IT) to allow non-IT people to deliver IT solutions for business process automation faster – the new term is “democratization of IT”.
  • Centres of Excellence for RPA are recommended when RPA is to be treated seriously and the number of robots and automated processes is high.
  • It can be considered as Shadow IT that came out of hiding and now business can be proud for the first time. 🙂
  • RPA is also a way to avoid complex integration for older systems without proper API interface.
  • RPA is a workaround for the systems that cannot be maintained properly (or IT marked them as legacy/do not touch);
  • RPA is code, and code needs maintenance, proper testing and change management.
  • RPA is mainly developed by …. developers, specialized developers, who tend to be more expensive than traditional Java/DotNet enterprise developer.
  • RPA is used mainly for short-term, stop-gap solutions, some of them remain, some of them are removed and replaced by new enterprise software deployments.
  • RPA is often reduced to desktop automation, but it’s a much broader term.
  • RPA disappoints when the goal is to automate the whole business processes without human intervention.
  • RPA is an answer to failures of large scale integration projects and slow traditional software development.
  • RPA from the perspective of an enterprise architect is a messy solution that violates architectural order of the corporation and results in more prole.
  • RPA in the short term is very welcome and even impressive, in a longer perspective, it’s another software development technique, there’s no viable way around all the processes related to professional software development.
  • “RPA is dead” article gained a lot of traction on LinkedIn (>50K reshares).
  • RPA may be dead in Poland before it gets popular.

From the perspective of the IT Services Competence Platform RPA design and development is part of our offer, under the domain of Enterprise Software Development.

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