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Results of Wrocław IT Run 2017

Representations of IT companies from the entire Lower Silesia have signed up for IT Run for the 8th time already. A number of extra attractions for different age groups and the beautiful weather helped secure a record turnout for the event.

Without their computers but in full sports outfits, over 700 runners representing the IT industry turned up at the Olympic Stadium on Saturday, September 9, 2017. Once again, they felt the spirit of rivalry and thus dispel the stereotype of IT workers being people shunning physical activity and glued to their computers.

Driven by the IT Kontrakt’s motto “Active after work – effective at work”, they entered the fray. They had to negotiate a distance of 10 kilometres on surfaces not only including the newly renovated tartan track of the stadium but also metalled paths of the Odra embankments and the little tarmac streets of Zalesie. The winner was Grzegorz Gronostaj, who took 33 min. and 16 sec. to complete the distance. Everybody who crossed the finish line received a commemorative IT Kontrakt medal.

After the race, the contenders had an opportunity to prove themselves by tackling other challenges, including a relay. Instead of a baton, the runners had to use a laptop computer. The challenge was won by the team entered by Nokia. Also, the PC Throw contest attracted a lot of interest – in fact, such that a qualifier had to be organised. The winner in the men’s category was Adrian Antkowiak, who performed a 6.4 m throw. As for women, the best thrower was Karolina Nowakowska, achieving the result of 3.5 m.

However, what caused the most thrill was Bajtek Race for children – some of them as young as 2 years of age.

The meeting of people working in the industry also turned out to be a great opportunity for the integration of the local IT milieu and good fun with no age limit.

IT Kontrakt would like to wholeheartedly thank all contenders and partners to the event for the amazing atmosphere and organisation. We’re looking forward to seeing you at another IT Run in 2018!

As for the men’s classification, the podium saw the following contestants:

  1. Place – Grzegorz Gronostaj (Opera Software) – 00:33:16
  2. Place – Michał Wendland (Nokia) – 00:34:02
  3. Place – Szymon Łukowicz (Collibra) – 00:34:55

In the women’s, the best times were

  1. Place – Viktoria Stepanenko (Diebold Nixdorf) – 00:44:11
  2. Place – Grażyna Popiel (Pruftechnik Technology) – 00:44:19
  3. Place – Alicja Puchalska (Coco Bongo) – 00:45:06

Team classification:

  1. Place – Nokia – 02:27:12
  2. Place – Unit4 TETA – 02:39:09
  3. Place – Gigaset Communications Polska – 02:48:27

Detailed results of Wrocław IT Run ‘2017 are available on  Datasport or can be downloaded here.

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