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Exit Room in Poznań

A locked room and just a bit more than a dozen minutes to get out. Does it ring a bell? Employees of our Poznań branch have just had an opportunity to see for themselves what it’s like to be locked in a room that’s hardly possible to leave.

In mid-May, our Poznań based specialists faced riddles bigger than the mysteries they find hidden in the code in their daily practice. The game took place simultaneously in 10 escape rooms with 10 different missions to be completed, e.g. finding Sherlock and the Lost Officer, a visit to Alice of the Wonderland and the witch’s hut, a stay in the Final Shelter, and even adventures as extreme as opening a fridge when hungry or an attempt to leave a hotel room when suffering from a hangover. 9 teams managed to break free before their deadlines, and all the “escapists” enjoyed an Italian feast at Bar-a-boo as an award.

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