Last year, a CSR campaign named “I love IT” was launched on the initiative of one of  IT Kontrakt directors – Maichał Tomasik. Every month, among our employees we selected a winner for the best picture. That was organized with the intention of using them as flashcards for a given month. In this way we created the calendar “I love IT” that was fully financed by IT Kontrakt executive board.

All income from the sale of calendars is meant to be conveyed to the project named “An Inventive and Active Senior”. The project is organized by the catholic charitable organization – Caritas Poznan, and it provides the elderly with a training in computer skills. Details available at:,45,226.htm.

We hope you would support our initiative and buy one of the calendars. Please, see the available options and asking prices below.   

  •         Table calendar – A5 paper size – no less than 10 PLN
  •         Table mat calendar – B2 paper size – no less than 15 PLN
  •         Wall calendar – A3 paper size – no less than 25 PLN

We want this initiative to cause a domino effect. We hope the calendar “I love IT” that we created collaboratively is just the beginning for our regular voluntary activity supporting people in need – said Michał Tomasik – Business Unit Director.

Method of payment:

Please, pay the donation in accordance to the abovementioned pricelist to the bank account number: 91 1140 1140 0000 3847 0500 1011 (full name and chosen size of calendar to be typed in the transfer title). Next, send the payment confirmation including delivery address to


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