IT Kontrakt – opening new branches in Gdańsk and Kraków

With the new year, in February, two new branches in Gdańsk and Kraków were established. The network development plan is open and includes key cities of regions with a high demand for outsourcing services.

Opening new branches by IT Kontrakt results from the business model of the company based on an individual approach to the client. Increasing the number of branches will allow the company to increase the scope and availability of outsourcing services, as well as reach out to new companies interested in external support in the field of providing IT professionals.

 “New branches are another step in the development strategy of the company. The implementation of new recruitment and sales teams in Gdańsk and Kraków will allow the company to be closer to the client and the recruited specialist. Such market expansion will enable us to maximize efficiency and reduce the time of the executed projects, by increasing the availability of our specialists in recruitment and sales on the local market.” – said Marceli Smela, President of IT Kontrakt.



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