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IT work holds no secrets for you? Are you a Java Developer, .NET programmer, or automation tester planning a career in IT? Or perhaps you’re looking for a good job in recruitment or sales? Check the areas where we provide services and chose those best suited to your professional profile.

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IT Kontrakt Ltd., with registered office in Wrocław, 66 Gwiazdzista Street, 53-413 Wroclaw, will process, for the purposes of the recruitment process, the personal information that you voluntarily provided in the submitted documents. The applying party has the right to access the provided data and correct it. Separate consent can be made for taking part in future recruitment processes.

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Our rules are clear

Interested in cooperation based on a transparent system and clear rules of the game? This is why you’ll like it at IT Kontrakt! Check what else makes us stand out and see for yourself how much you can benefit from working with us.

We share knowledge

We know that work in IT is based on own know-how. This is why we organise meetings for professionals where skill sharing and exchange of experiences are the priorities. Learn and become an expert too.

IT Run

In Poland, we were the first to organise a run for IT professionals. Motivated by how positive the feedback was, we decided to make it part of our annual event calendar. Read the accounts of its former editions held in Warsaw and Wrocław and find out more about the upcoming run!

After hours

Active after work - effective at work’ is our motto. A career in IT isn’t all that matters to us. After work, we’ll always find some time for ourselves. Take a look at what sports-related initiatives our employees are. Let yourself become inspired.

We are close-knit team

From literary studies to IT Kontrakt, or a few words about how the world needs specialists in humanities
My name is Daniel Radecki and I work as an engineer having graduated Polish studies - this is how I liked to introduce myself up until recently, as it always caused astonishment and the question “How did you do it?” After a longer or shorter answer, a discussion ensued about the commonly declared crisis of the humanities, which could never be escaped. Are specialists in humanities necessary?
Marcin Majdecki answers question "Which way?"
Imagine a rather spacious room in a certain clinic. Dim light.  Chairs, arranged in a perfect circle and occupied by people involved in a group conversation. The people look like typical participants of AA meetings, but a few things they have on them seem out of place. One guy is wearing a Stetson and combat trousers. There’s a huge backpack, fully packed, lying next to another man. A third is clutching a mysterious map. One after another, they admit to their addiction.

We are close-knit team

The desired shape and methods of the effective use of automated tests in Continuous Integration
Continuous Integration is a way of creating and further developing software. What makes it distinctive is that new code developed by programmers is integrated into the main repository branch sometimes as many as a few times a day. Thanks to this, one can have even a few versions of an application built and installed in the test environment on a single day. For a QA team maintaining automated tests, following such frequent changes is a considerable challenge.
From an IT tester’s perspective: automated testing of RWD applications using the Galen library
RWD, which stands for Responsive Web Design, is one of the techniques for designing web apps. The term was first used in Ethan Marcotte's article for website, in which he explained how to create applications so that their size, layout and graphics automatically adjust to the browser's window and the screen, resulting in apps gaining in functionality and clarity, both on desktop and mobile devices. The goal can be achieved by using correct style sheets or their fragments.
To Polly or not to Polly, or something about the functionalities of an error detection library
Many words have been written about the Polly library. Scott Hanselman published on his blog a great article, where he described its functionalities. On, you can find comprehensive documentation, which includes a lot of information about the mechanisms and models used while repeating a given operation, e.g. Circuit Breaker. In this article, Łukasz Olbromski discusses his experiences with Polly and provides an outline of how it helped him solve a problem in a system on which he was working.

We are close-knit team

Changing profession isn't so hard
Have you ever considered changing your line of business but felt short of courage? Is there something deep inside telling you that, as far as your professional life goes, you should start doing something completely different from what you have done for recent years? Some time ago, Wojciech Kobiałko decided to take a step like this. For three years now, he has been climbing, one by one, the steps on the career ladder as a tester at IT Kontrakt.

We share feedback

Our employees’ opinion is our pride. Read stories of IT Kontrakt told by people who have got to know our business from the inside. See why it’s worth joining us.


IT Kontrakt is a great company with traditional values. You can feel good vibes within the team – they are all young and energetic people always ready for cooperation.

.NET Team Lead

I met here ambitious people who motivates me to develop my professional skills and keep fit. As a nice bonus, we can use Chill Room, have cyclical teambuilding events and “Thursday Candy”....

Product Manager

It is not typical of working for a corporation. There’s no stresses or strains, because the atmosphere here is very nice and friendly. Besides work, there is also time for entertainment –...

Support Operational Specialist

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