Let us introduce IT Kontrakt Ambassadors – Piotr Grzesiak

!_MG_9278We are happy to present a series of compressed interviews with our ambassadors. Read their stories about joining IT Kontrakt and being passionate about their performance. The first to go is Piotr Grzesiak – Test Automation Engineer in IT Kontrakt.

Piotr Grzesiak is…

…professionally, a test automatization consultant with 9 years of experience. Privately, happily married and a father of two little girls. An enthusiast of SF, playing the guitar and gaming.

I got to IT Kontrakt via…

…a job advert posted in one of recruitment websites. It was a job offer for completing a project for one of IT Kontrakt clients – a well-known pharmaceutic company of French origin. It is already over two years I have been working there on the basis of B2B contract. My job is done remotely and I appreciate that a lot.

My expert activity started with…

…the willingness to share my know-how. Many years of professional experience in the industry of testing gave me opportunity to learn it inside-out. Hence, keeping the knowledge just for myself would be a waste of resource. When Lucyna Leszka, the manager of IT Kontrakt Katowice Unit, launched the initiative of organizing professional meetups, me and Piotr Guzinski fired up about the idea and immediately we started substantive preparations for meeting testers from our region. Furthermore, one of my New Year’s resolution was becoming a speaker in a conference dedicated to testers and I did it a year later – I performed at testwarez 2016 and this year I managed that too. Simultaneously, I started publishing my QA articles in my LinkedIn profile. And here we go!

Being IT Kontrakt Ambassador gives me

..lots of fun! I have always liked sharing my knowledge with others and participating in stimulating conferences and discussions. Moreover, I get chance to meet new experts and solutions within our profession. Thanks to that, I still develop my skills and see new opportunities for my career.

It is good to work for IT Kontrakt, because…

…they are professional towards their partners and act openly. The model of cooperation gives me a lot of independence and they support my personal interests – it would be difficult to organize our cyclical QAtowice meetups without IT Kontrakt support.



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