PART 6: ERP and CRM Trends

Well-managed workflow is the heart of any business, especially when it comes to large enterprises. To stay productive, organizations implement a wide range of tools for planning internal processes alongside external operations with customers and vendors. Our tech experts review the latest trends in Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management.

Envisioning Top ERP Trends To Define Industry Development:

Jacek Chmiel, Global Chief of Consulting & Technology at IT Services Competence Platform:
AI/ML, blockchain, cloud, modern data analytics, and other trends are more and more mainstream and they are being adopted in ERP products. Another important trend is getting rid of those ancient UIs and deliver natively modern user experience for mobile access and the web to make ERPs fun to use (again?). This also involves personalization of UX. And, again, security – the data is becoming the biggest asset of the enterprises, so it’s only obvious that it must be protected better than ever.

Lyubomyr Senyuk, CTO & Head of R&D at CoreValue:
‘Enterprises are moving ERP components to the cloud and this trend will remain in 2019. So, the only challenge for newcomers will be, whether to apply component-by-component migration or a global-scale exercise. Since ERP is a backbone of any organization, a global trend of adding business value from collected data with the help of ML and other techniques,  will be mostly visible in this domain. Besides this obvious trends, I would also like to mention  Knowledge management and Global information directories as some underestimated parts of ERS that may show up in 2019 in one shape or another.’

Roland Guelle, CTO at Sevenval:
In a “fast frontend, stable backend” architecture, ERP is usually situated within “stable” and “slow” innovation livecycles. Most companies with running ERP systems have to deal with a well-running infrastructure and internal processes, whereas UX and interoperability are not in focus. Today’s “mobile age” (similar to the 1990s, when Windows arose and terminal/monochrom systems switched to GUIs) creates an expectation gap: existing software gets worse over the time without getting new bugs. Think of it like using a Nokia 6210 cellphone or playing games on a Commodore 64 today. Opening these systems for more flexibility or microservice architectures is the new challenge for 2019.

Key Predictions and Expert Perspectives on CRM:

Jacek Chmiel, Global Chief of Consulting & Technology at IT Services Competence Platform:
CRM adoption within companies is going to increase; CRM is already mainstream but there’s still a lot of room for growth. Customer experience is going to improve even further. There will be even tighter integration with various social media networks to boost relationships with customers and business partners. And, of course, AI: AI is getting everywhere to automate tasks, boost marketing automation, refine chatbots, enhance customer data analytics.

Lyubomyr Senyuk, CTO & Head of R&D at CoreValue:
I’m not expecting any kind of revolution in, say, Salesforce in 2019. They will definitely make tremendous efforts in order to improve customer experience starting with Conversational AI and up to deep individualization. The market is pretty tough, so even tiny improvements in CX can shift forces drastically. But, on a global scale (2025+), it’s a firm “yes”, a game-changer with a completely new approach to CX will appear in this industry…’

Roland Guelle, CTO  at Sevenval:
2019 will see three key ingredients combined for your digital success: The User, The User, The User. That said, a good CRM is one of the core systems to focus on. Many industries, such as finance and insurance, had to invest in CRM adoption and understanding of a user-centric 360-degree view. Digital transformation is much more than just shiny apps or the automation of processes. It brings you closer to your customers and enables you to interact directly and fast. When choosing CRM systems, interoperability is a major requirement to provide data and information for every connected system.’

The next Tech Trends blog series post will be dedicated to Front-End and Web development tendencies. Stay updated, follow our LinkedIn.

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