PART 7: Front-End and Web Trends

As part of the IT industry’s constant evolution, we have also witnessed major changes in the web application environment. The tech experts deliver their views on key trends in web and front-end development.

Jacek Chmiel, Global Chief of Consulting & Technology at IT Services Competence Platform:
Further dominance of the Google Blink engine, as even Microsoft drops its own engine for Windows’ default Edge browser, will result in an actual engine monopoly for web apps. On the positive side are easier testing and fewer quirks in the code; the negative side is control of the engine by one major business entity known for its lack of respect for privacy. A further rise in the percentage of mobile users is nothing surprising, but worth noting. I continue to believe in Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) as Google and Microsoft improve support for them on their platforms (Android, Windows Store). One of the most interesting trends is the return of static web pages (yes, static web pages). On the other hand, there is more motion of UI for dynamic pages to attract visitors with reduced attention spans.

Lyubomyr Senyuk, CTO & Head of R&D at CoreValue:
In terms of PWAs, a funny thing happened to Apple last year. They beta-released ServiceWorkers support in WKWebView but later rolled this feature back. So hopefully we’ll see a happy-end scenario this year. Beside the other benefits this feature can bring, it is really important that it enables straightforward offline mode implementation when creating a native web wrapper based on WKWebView. GraphQL will probably rise in popularity in 2019 thanks to its application potential in data source integration and BaaS.

Kacper Ryniec, Software Development Lead at Solidbrain:
Starting this year, Google has confirmed they’ve already indexed over half of the internet using an updated “mobile-first” algorithm. Since they continue to build strong leadership over other search engines, whether you like it or not, you have to follow their decisions to keep traffic coming to your site. Having a mobile-friendly website with optimized performance and semantic HTML seems to be the only way to keep a business running. AI-powered marketing automation, chatbot-based customer service, complex tracking of users and their decisions when browsing the web: all of these will deliver an even more targeted, personalized experience. Those are the factors that might help companies stand out from the crowded Internet ecosystem.

Roland Guelle, CTO at Sevenval:
The web has become the universal application environment. PWAs combine features such as offline mode, push messages and integrated stores in a single web application. PWAs are not experimental, or hype that will soon fade. They’re available as stable releases for all major browsers and in every app store. QUIC (or HTTP/3) will be THE major upgrade for transport protocols . It is already used at – sounds like it’s production-ready! With WebGL, WebVR/AR and WebAssembly the “web platform“ opens up to new areas of use, together with a more mature development ecosystem.’

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