PART 8: Mobile Trends

Will mobile tech get any more appealing? We keep a finger on the pulse of modern trends for business to be successful. Here are the tech experts’ views on the tendency for the mobile.

Jacek Chmiel, Global Chief of Consulting & Technology at IT Services Competence Platform:
The analysts called 2018 the year when smartphone died. Of course, it is an exaggeration but the stagnation of the saturated market is a fact. Even Apple has problems with dynamics of the earnings from hardware sales. Quality of mobile apps and new ways of getting attention with UX innovations are the true remaining areas of competition in the B2C market. So, I think 2019 is a good year for quality apps and a very bad year for mediocre mobile experiences.

Lyubomyr Senyuk, CTO & Head of R&D at CoreValue:
A phone still remains the only widespread candidate trying to fulfil our ambition to have a personal portal to the digital world, so there is no way it can suddenly become a secondary role player in 2019. At least, it should bring the mission of the Conversational AI maturation to the milestone when an intelligent personal assistant will participate in discussions in a human-like manner. Google made a huge step forward in this direction in 2018 and they will continue in 2019.

Kacper Ryniec, Software Development Lead at Solidbrain:
It  turns out to be surprisingly difficult to come up with “the next iPhone”. The mobile phone hardware specification race continues. In 2018, it was about the number of cameras and lenses. In 2019, it might be all about foldable phones. Still, it’s far from being a revolution. Putting the “boring” hardware landscape aside, the applications market draws itself much more interesting. Personal assistants, smart home control, on the fly AR and AI supported image and voice translation; I wonder when “Phone Dialer” will just become another app which you can uninstall from your device. These days you have to make apps simple, fast, bringing real focused value. Most users will uninstall after first run if they don’t find what they were looking for.

Roland Guelle, CTO  at Sevenval:
New “app” focused businesses or mobile-minded companies are replacing a lot of formerly dominating online companies, just like during the early 2000s web hype, when offline businesses got disrupted by online startups. In the digital age, simplicity always wins over completeness. And, if it works on mobile, why not on desktop as well? “Mobile First” is still a valid slogan, while “native” apps are growing obsolete in most cases and are getting replaced by PWAs or Single Page Applications. The growth of hardware suppliers comes to an end. The market is struggling with declining mobile hardware sales. Customers are missing new innovations. “Faster CPUs” or “better cameras” sound just like the PC market of the recent years.

In the next part of the Technology Trends blog series our experts will dive deeper into AR/VR. Follow our LinkedIn to be updated.

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