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Picnic time!

Fantastic atmosphere, plenty of attractions, and lots of positive emotions were what we experienced in July, during a new instalment of IT Kontrakt’s Family Picnics in Warsaw and Poznań.


The latest Family Picnic took place on July 7, in the very centre of Ochota – the beautiful gardens of Osada. Just like every year, we’d prepared many attractions for our guests. Of course, most of them catered to the youngest participants in the event. A swimming pool filled with balls, a face-painting stall, and a photo-booth where everybody could have family photos taken and immediately printed, plus decorations with kids’ favourite cartoon characters, which was also a perfect opportunity for the children to take some photos as a keepsake. That, clearly, made all the young faces smile for a very long time.

The blithe play and the place’s aura of serenity let everybody unwind and forget for a short while about the hustle and bustle of the city.  Of course, nobody can spend a whole day without having something to eat, which is why Osada’s kitchen took care of the guests’ palates. It served excellent grilled dishes and a wide range of appetisers as well as offering the Sweet Smorgasbord for the big and little gourmands, with a whole lot of colourful cookies in various shapes, fruit drops, gummy candy, ice cream, fruit, and cake.


Located in Poznań area, the beautifully surrounded by woods Lake Rusałka is an attractive recreation ground for the city’s residents. On the north shore, there is a restaurant called Rusałka – Sama Frajda, where we organised this year’s Family Picnic.

Also in this venue, we guaranteed great fun and made sure the experience would be unforgettable.

While all the guests made themselves at home in the restaurant’s garden with a stunning view of the lake to enjoy lively talks and tasty meals, the kids were happy to discover the attractions of one Poland’s largest facilities designed to provide fun to the entire family. On almost 3,000 sq m of open space, the kids unleashed their energy in inflatable castles, slides, and other large-size play structures, as well as inside a 500 sq m tent full of attractions. Some of those were a multi-storey construction with obstacles, swimming pools full of colourful balls, and a specially designated kids’ zone with attractions for the youngest children.

The picnic time was over in a flash. No doubt, it was a very pleasant and warm day, but – more importantly – quality family moments that our employees and their families will keep in their memory for a long time.

Now that this amazing time is over, we’d like to thank everybody for coming. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s events too!

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