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Regulations of the PC Throw Challenge

There will be an additional event at the race – the PC throw challenge, also referred to as “comp throw”, or “puter throw” (delete as appropriate). What will it involve and who’s eligible to take part? Here’s some information about the enrolments and prizes. “Exciting” prizes can be won.


The rules are simple. A team’s representative or an individual contestant can perform a single throw. You can take part in the challenge as long as you did the 10-kilometre run. The throw competition will be held after the race and before the decoration of the winners. Women and men are classified into separate groups. Who’s going to be the best?


  1. The PC Throw challenge can be entered by one contestant representing an IT team (one company is one IT team) and contestants individually representing the IT sector.
  2. Only IT companies, employees of IT departments, employees of universities, and IT freelancers can enter the challenge.
  3. Women and men are classified into separate groups.
  4. You can take part in the challenge as long as you ran in the main 10-kilometre race.
  5. The organiser ensures equipment for throwing, i.e. a PC.
  6. The challenge will be held as a single-stage competition and begin at 01:00 pm (one contender – one throw. The best result wins)
  7. In the event the computer becomes damaged, it will be replaced with a new one (for throwing) only after the previous one’s complete deactivation.
  8. Each contestant is entitled to only one attempt at throwing (unless the organiser decides otherwise).
  9. The alphabetical order of throwers will be established before the race.
  10. We open the enrolment procedure on may 1 and close it one day before the race. There is no possibility of enrolling on the day of the competition.
  11. The thrower’s position requires them to place their legs in one line (without a lunge); the throw itself will be performed with the thrower’s both hands, from behind their head (to be overseen by the referee).
  12. The result will be determined by the length of the throw from the line to the first mark made by the floppy drive on the ground. The measurements will be made with a tape measure.


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