What is your promise?

Recently I attended an event carried out by one of the greatest software providers for recruiting and staffing market. Cloud based, of course. SaaS, unlimited storage, seamless and quick data search. I had the chance to see a lot of automatization and optimization tools for day-to-day work of a modern recruitment company.

You know that now everyone speaks about chatbots and voice assistants. About Alexa and Google Now. There is hype around AI, Robots and Blockchain. The only difference was, that at this conference I saw how they can be used in the recruiting companies. So many exciting solutions: natural language processing, focus on improvement and optimization of recruiter (and sales) performance. It was really something!

I saw Alexa sending the candidates CV to customer without any human action, chatbot that can do pre-screen of a candidate right after they uploaded their CVs to a job portal. I saw massive matching algorithms than search through multiple candidate databases in one second. Mobile apps, which simplify day-to-day work. Integration between platforms made just by clicking “enable”. And this is not the future – those were all prototypes or already available solutions dedicated to outsourcing market. With solid use cases and ROI evidences.

While the new tools and optimization solutions are only getting better, how to make sure we are using them in the right way? How can we ensure that technology would help us reach the goal of making our company great?

We tried to answer those questions during executive roundtable. We talked about challenges, which our market is facing or will face in the future. Regardless of country and region, they are actually the same:

  • how to built engagement around candidate?
  • how to attract talent to organization?
  • how to keep talent onboard?

After having a few hours of brainstorming session with the top C-level managers of the recruitment industry in Europe, we found the solution. It is simple but at times so difficult to achieve:

Do as you promised.

Make a promise and commit to it when you are working with people. Every. Single. Day. This seems to be the only way to make all of these amazing new tools and the latest technology support you in making your company great.

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